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Our Purpose
To promote our understanding of movement as it relates to our health, well being, and conscious evolution, and to promote movement practices that bring these into being.
To serve this purpose, the Moving Cycle Institute (MCI) offers an apprenticeship program, designed to teach participants the therapeutic and evolutionary possibilities of conscious movement, called the Moving Cycle. (more...)

Who We Serve
The Institute's Apprenticeship Program teaches and promotes movement on the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual levels, and so serves people who would like to develop in any of these areas. People who tend to find this work the most useful are therapists, counselors, educators, bodyworkers, artists, and scientists.

Who We Are
Christine Caldwell, Ph.D., LPC, BC-DMT, is the founder and director of the Moving Cycle Institute. Also the founder and chairperson of the Somatic Psychology Department at the Naropa University, she has authored two books (Getting Our Bodies Back, and Getting In Touch), as well as numerous articles. She lectures and presents internationally. Working with other Moving Cycle teachers, she is the main trainer for the Institute. (more...)

The Moving Cycle Institute's Apprenticeship Program
In more traditional times, people who wanted to learn a trade or an art form apprenticed themselves to professionals who would convey both the practical skills and essential philosophies of their craft through immersing their students in the doing of that form. This creative and efficient means of experiential education was lost as we turned to large schools to provide mass education, while at the same time turning away from the power of the body to synthesize and integrate our experience. The Moving Cycle material, because it is based on the interweaving of our physical form with our energy, our thoughts, and our consciousness, is taught in this embodied format.
Apprentices study with Christine Caldwell and other MCI teachers. They work from individual to mid sized group formats, absorbing the principles and techniques of the MC work through engaging in it themselves in series of 2 to 5 day intensives. (more...)

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